Bravo on a Shockingly Brilliant Idea, Battlefield 2


For some reason, it’s an unwritten law on the internet that for every age restricted trailer or clip you view, you must type in your birthdate MM/DD/YYYY. I’ve no idea just what the hell mandates that format specifically, and apparently neither did Battlefield Bad Company 2, as seen above, as they have you enter your age in a MUCH more logical way.

Of course an even simpler way of doing this would be an “are you over 18?” button found on most porn sites, but no, I think there’s something in the supreme legal code of internet trailers that prevents that from happening.

Also, WHY THE HELL IS THIS A LAW ANYWAYS? For anything? Do they really think that ten year olds are dumb enough to see that and be like “damn, well I better come back in eight years!” It’s like commercials that are forced to cram a paragraph full of legal disclaimers into the tail end of their spot, even if it’s completely unreadable and only onscreen for a quarter of a second. Sure, they’re following the law, but it’s thoroughly useless and in no way achieving the desired result.

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