“Retro” Halo 3 Box Art


Remember the crappy box art for the original Mega Man game?  If you don’t, it’s pictured above.  Anyway, the guy who drew it was commissioned to draw some box art for Halo 3.  From GameSpy:

Former Mega Man NES box artist Rodney Baddraw, whose Mega Man work is routinely voted “worst box art in videogame history,” was lazily trawling Craigslist for freelance gigs when he stumbled upon Bungie’s ad. Being the only designer to agree to the payment terms of 800 MS points and a Cortana4Life temporary tattoo, he happily took the assignment.

I love how this works: create something or perform so incredibly bad and later on in life, people will pay you to continue your horrible work, simply for a sense of nostalgia and irony.  This would be akin to me being a prostitute, I imagine.  Think about that analogy; I swear it makes sense.

Above image from GameSpy.

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