Better Let the Boss Win, Trooper

I’ve seen both of these pictures before floating around the internet, but someone got the rather good idea to combine them into one image, creating the ultimate intergalactic drag race.

Despite Vader’s car looking more powerful, it’s the trooper that’s pulling ahead by a nose. He better ease off that gas, or else someone’s probably getting force choked at the finish line.

Not pictured is Han Solo ahead of both of them in a ZO6 Corvette.

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  1. That car Vader is driving is the Ariel Atom V8. That car weighs as much as most people (exaggeration) yet also has a V8 engine. No way that stormtrooper-driven Lotus Elise (the least-powerful Lotus) is keeping up in real life.

  2. I was just about to say what Jim Lahey said. No way some shitty Lotus is going to be able to compete with that Ariel.

    And you can forget all about the Corvette Han Solo is supposedly driving, I’ve seen lawn-mowers go faster than a freaking Corvette.

  3. That is not the Ariel Atom V8 unless they imported it from the UK and converted it to left hand drive. Most likely, it is the Atom 2 which has half the horsepower. Still freaking fast and probably faster than a lotus.

  4. @Frank

    Ah, thanks for the correction. I didn’t even notice which side Vader is on. It’s still going to go faster than an Evora with a honda v6 engine.

  5. Yea that Atom would destroy that lotus in a race, and vs the Corvette it is not even a race, the Atom would be finished before the corvette hits third gear for the major pull.

  6. that Ariel is sporting a supercharged v6. just because the lotus is using a similar engine means nothing. the atom has a better power to weight ratio the most super cars. as for a z06 beating it, it depends on how long the race is. the atom only has a top speed of 120MPH.

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