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The title of this post is to answer your question of “Why are you randomly posting ‘Somewhere Out There’ from An American Tail for no discernible reason?”

Alright, alright, the real story is that I’ve started watching Community, and saw a season one episode last night where Troy and Ahbed named a science lab rat Fievel and sang this song to it to get it to do things. That hit some nostalgia buttons, and when I looked up the actual song, a wave of past memories hit my like a tsunami. I probably haven’t heard this song or seen this movie in over fifteen years. I wondered if any of you might have the same reaction to it.

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  1. seriously, Paul, what a waste of time. Really? a cartoon you feel some nostalgia for? Share it with your kids, not your followrs on the website. Or is this site just a bit of an in joke with your drinking buddies? THAT will be why you’ll never feature on that XKCD map…

  2. @beef

    You have been outvoted on this post’s relevancy.

    Feel free to come back and lecture me on what to post when you build your own website from scratch with a friend and get 3 million page views a month in under two years.

    This site works in part because it’s personal sometimes, and is not funded and staffed by some giant corporate entity like almost every other site on that XKCD map.

  3. Coincidentally, I started to watch Community as well, and I JUST saw this episode yesterday, haha. I don’t think I’ve heard ‘Somewhere Out There’ since the early ’90s from when I watched ‘An American Tail’ on VHS, but hearing it on that episode struck a chord within me, and I did the same as you, Paul, and went straight to YouTube, Wikipedia, and Google to satisfy my nostalgic needs.

    P.S. All those Abed/Troy ending scenes during the credits are the best. Oh, and Troy’s one “teaching Jeff how to fiiiiiiiiiiii… ight” line gave me a major real-life lol.

  4. Best song in any Don Bluth movie. Have you seen the version sung by a grandfather/granddaughter team in last year’s “Britain’s Got Talent”? Powerful stuff.

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