Beating Super Mario 64 Without Using the A Button


The ingenuity of devoted video game fans will never cease to amaze me. Apparently beating Super Mario 64 in twenty minutes just isn’t good enough, now some crazies want to do it WITHOUT using the A button.

It’ not like this being tool-assisted makes it any less crazy, as it’s pretty much like playing the game in stop-motion animation where you have to plan out each individual button press and see what effect it has onscreen.

For some really crazy stuff, start watching at around the 4:30 mark.


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  1. This tool is not using the “A” button. Anybody who is familiar with the game would understand what lengths the tool is going to to avoid it. Sometimes it’s as simple as pressing the “B” button while running to gain a little height. And sometimes he runs around and up hills and bounces off an enemy just to gain enough height to get a star that’s only about 2 marios off the ground.

  2. Uhh…I presume the writer didn’t actually watch the whole video or even check the end? He doesn’t beat the game in 20 minutes… He doesn’t even beat the game! The video just stops after 20 stars! I applaud the player; he gets really ingenious with some of those stars (see the last mountain star), but the writer really needs to actually check his source material BEFORE posting. I was at the 19 minute mark wondering how in the world he’d make it through to bowser in less than a minute!

  3. Uhhh….If you can read perhaps you’ll see this isnt the 20 minute finish the game video, and he never even says it is, so read the article properly b4 whinging! God some people just whinge for the point of it!

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