Battlefield 3 Looks a Bit Hard


I’ll be honest, I’m a Call of Duty player. Note that I said Call of Duty PLAYER and not Call of Duty FANBOY. I like the games, but I see their MASSIVE amounts of flaws clear as day, and have no problem calling them out.

That said, I’ve gotten used to the system of COD to the point where on occasion I’m halfway decent, and as such, I’m a bit worried about attempting my first foray into Battlefield 3 in a month, as I’m told the skills don’t necessarily translate.

Here’s a rather hilarious video I found from someone playing the beta that has me a bit concerned about the difficulty. It’s cleverly captioned, and…is that a FLASHLIGHT? BANG BANG BANG WAUGHHHDHDK#$LSJ%.

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  1. When I first started with BFBC2 I was kind of frustrated with the difficulty, but with a few matches I started to get somewhat better. Now I still suck at it but I enjoy it a lot.

  2. I’ll go ahead and say i’m a battlefield player, i haven’t been a cod player in quite some time. I’m no where near the greatest at bf but i’ll throw out a few key things that should make you feel positive about the game. The game isn’t really hard, but it can feel that way… what really turns the tides in the game is teamwork. If you’re working well together then things tend to feel easier. When you have friends to play with you’ll enjoy yourself a ton more then when you’re on your own playing with random folks on the net. You will end up watching each others back feeding one another info that’ll make life a lot easier. You’ll notice it’s objective based as well not just deathmatch. They do have a squad deathmatch option in bad company two i’m sure will flow over into 3, but you’re still on 4 person “teams”. It’s not as much of a run and gun game either, shouldering your firearm will increase accuracy (as it should), few shots will take you down, and so on. It will feel greatly different though, but it’ll be in a good way.

  3. I second basically everything Seth said, except I’m a pretty avid CoD player who’s making the jump to BF3. I have played the shit out of every single CoD since 3, simply because my brother & our friends always got CoD titles. I enjoy ’em they’re fun, but (as you said) they’re not without their flaws. I think my friend said it best when he said the Battlefield series is about team work and warfare, while Call of Duty is about twitch, meaning basically that a person can be the best at CoD, simply because they can turn & fire the quickest. (Granted, we only ever played Hardcore Team Death Match.)

    Around the time I bought Black Ops, my other roommate bought Bad Co 2. I tried to get into it but I sucked, just getting destroyed at every turn, while he kept playing and eventually got pretty good at the game, even while playing solo and not strategizing with his squad/teammates. After being absolutely sick of Black Ops I rented BFBC2 from Gamefly because I was excited for BF3 and wanted to get the basic controls down before it came out. It’s easily become one of my favorite FPS games, especially now since I have friends who squad up with me to take objectives and strategize. I dont know if I’ll be going back to CoD, especially now since BF3 is a blast (and that’s just the beta) and CoD looks like more of the same.

    If it helps sway anyone, my friend who compared CoD and the BF series above is a Marine and said the Beta for BF3 is the most realistic war FPS experience he’s ever played and that’s even before vehicles are introduced.

  4. I’m a fairly decent Halo player but pretty terrible at Bad Company 2. The beauty of the BF series is you don’t need to be good at killing to be successful in the game and to help your squad/team. I’m a dedicated medic and opportunistic engineer and playing those well gives me the XP I need, as well as not causing my weak slaying to be a detriment to my team.

    Admittedly, there is a bit of a steep learning curve but I think the BF series is much more forgiving in that way. If you just put in some time and always make sure you run with a (hopefully good) squad, you can really enjoy these games.

  5. Paul I’m glad to see that you’re making the jump to the thinking mans shooter. Hit me up if you want to join the tank crew! I hope that if you are getting a console version that it’s for the xbox 360. I hate shooters on ps3. Xboxlive is so much better when communication is key.

  6. I just switched to BF from COD. I been playing the beta. At first its a shock but within an hour its easy. This kid just sucks ass at this game. The main difference is you get ground and not RUN RUN RUN QUICKSCOPE DIE like in Cod. Just start with classes to learn which you like then bam its easy

  7. I play both, mostly because I have no choice as all of my friends only play CoD and I’m too lazy to try and convince them to switch to Battlefield (which I like more because of the expansive maps, destruction system, and vehicles–love me a chopper). Also because I like that there is a class system (big fan of team fortress here) with unique abilities/weapons for each one. And don’t worry about the guy in this video, he just sucks, he’s trying to hip fire the whole time from quite a distance so it’s no wonder he dies. And he also clearly doesn’t know what game mode he’s playing (which by the way, is so nice that there’s more options than just death match but they don’t suck–though the gambling modes were fun in black ops). Also, it is a beta, so odd stuff will happen. That was a flashlight, and it will blind you in dark areas like the tunnel’s you saw, there’s also lasers that you will notice (and can also blind you when aimed at your face, but that’s kind of a dead giveaway to duck). And you DON’T have to work as a unit with people if you don’t want to. I personally enjoy sniping in this game, for two reasons, one it’s not boring like CoD where you’re essentially just camping, and two because it actually requires skill to drop your opponents from 200m out (bullet trajectory) and there’s no better feeling than helping out my teammates by taking out an entire squad that’s supressing them from destroying an objective.

    And, I think you’ll like this part, since just a few hits will kill you, you won’t find yourself having to use the same gun as everyone (looking at you FAMAS).


    Knife kills are awesome because you force the player to watch you ruin their day (and you collect tags, guess for a pissing contest)

  8. I have to say that I laughed my ass of at the subtitles on that vid. That was genuinely histerical and honestly dude, I just started playing bf3 a few days ago and the learning curve is huge. The maps are so big as compared to cod and to me, its way more realistic as far as combat is concerned. Real combat can be quite confusing and disorienting in that bullets can come from out of knowwhere and targets can be difficult to spot and you must use teamwork to take objectives. I averaged a 18-5 kd ratio in cod and in bf3 I was getting killed all the time. What I realized is that most of time that I was getting killed I had an exposed side and someone was picking me off. I would cuss and bitch at the screen and then say, hey if this was real, I would have been possibly picked off also. Its just more of a thought game as compared to cod where you can use a smg and clean the board up. Believe me bro, the first time a chopper landed behind me and two guys jumped out, cut my throat, took my dogtags, reboarded the chopper anf fly away, was quite an eye opener. I really wish vet bf3 players where a little more easy on us bf3 noobs and didnt humiliate us and post our shortcomings all over youtube. Just kill me but please dont strap c4 to my back the first time I try a sniper rifle and blow me up, or my fav being the guy who would creep up behind me as i was looking through the scope, he then planted claymore directly behind me, shot me once in the back and when I turned around to run, I was blown up. I later saw this clip on youtube along with the thousands of other new players he has humiliated. oh well, nothing to do about it I suppose. Bf3 really is an incredible game and once you learn the maps a bit better and how the game flows in general I can see it being an awesome and potentially more rewarding fps. I just laughed because I was the guy in this video quite often at first. Half the time I was guarding an entrance, it was facing the wrong direction only to hear on the headset “dude, what the hell are you guarding over there, thats our spwn point!” I was like hmmm, I was just checking this side out for flankers. Damn I felt stupid. The maps are so enormos thats its easy to not see where the action is really happening and although one area of the map is hot with action, there are still people flanking and coming from all directions on even the most outward points of the map. Damn thats difficult for someone new that doesnt know the maps at all. Christ I think I was even swimming at one point and came across an enemy who knifed me in the water. Anyway, sorry the response is so long but I really feel your pain and it will get much better. Much better in fact. Stay out of the immediate hot point of combat and do your selected job and you will find that your team will appreciate you being on it much more. Thanks and enjoy!

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