Batman in Happier Times

Batman wasn’t always the brooding, serious, emotionally scared superhero we know from his past seven or so films. No, once upon a time, he was a caped crusader who loved life, goofing around and wasn’t ashamed to be seen cracking a smile.

I found this picture via Roger Ebert of all places, and it speaks to a simpler time when we didn’t need everything to be dark and gritty. Going back to watch the old Batman ’60s show is absolutely hilarious, and anyone who hasn’t seen the feature film from that era, I highly recommend it. As a kid I refused to believe it when my parents said it was being campy on purpose. I just though that no one knew what cool was in the ’60s, but it turns out they actually had quite a good sense of humor.

I’ll post a video after the jump so you can see what I mean:


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  1. I took a class of Graphic Novels at my Uni and my professor told us that the original Batman comics were quite dark and gritty. He claims the Adam West series nearly killed the entire Batman brand, because the supporters of the original comics all hated it, and that it wasn’t until Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” a very dark/gritty graphic novel, that Batman started seeing a revival.

    Assuming any of that is true, and I’ve never doubted him, just never looked it up, then it seems we’ve always needed things to be dark and gritty 😛

  2. I agree… Darker and grittier is the best. batman does not need to be happy, he does what is necessary…

    I am a Batman Fanboy.

    My fav tv / movie adaptations at Batman the Series (from the 90s???? man i am getting old) and Christopher Nolans Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises.

    I also Like the WB animated movies like “Red hood”

  3. There is no doubt that the dark and gritty Batman is an awesome way to portray the character. However, it does not invalidate the campy television version. The Adam West series is great. It is deliberate high camp at its finest. The first poster’s asertation that the portrayal in the Adam West series almost killed Batman is quite far from the truth. The success of the show actually led to Batman becoming more of a pop culture force then ever before. The style was so popular, that the comic books began to imitate the tone and style of the tv show. There is a fantastic book that I would recommend to anyone who considers them a Batman fan called “Batman: Unmasked” by William Brooker. It is a really fascinating analysis of the Batman character and the many portrayals that the character has taken on over the course of his publication history.

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