Batman Buzzkills the Superhero Poker Table

I have to admit there’s absolutely everything to like about this comic.  Sure I guess you could do a bit of complaining about the quality of the drawings but I know I suck at drawing.

Put it this way.  The content is amazing.  So simple, yet so good.


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  1. @henrik
    Any poker player will tell you, you don’t play the cards, you play the other players. I can’t think of anyone that would be better suited to reading arget players than daredevil. He can always tell if they’re bluffing.

  2. Well, I don’t know if DD can bluff, but since he knows when other players are bluffing, he may not WIN every hand, but he certainly knows to fold when a player has a good hand.

  3. Wow, actually the art quality is far superior to that of Tassi’s MS paint scribbles, the concept is fun too. Think you can do more like these? Capes doing everyday things, like poker, grocery shopping, etc.

  4. you know, that could be a series….Batman Buzzkills the Marvel Universe seeing as he is the only one from DC there…that way you could have Patrick Stewart as Prof X facepalming himself like that Picard picture

  5. soooooooo i don’t see why it’s funny? three of a kind does he mean that his parents got three bullets if so who got the thred one or did each parent get three each?

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