Audrina Patridge is Leaving “The Hills,” Please Call the President


The Celebrity Cafe Reports:

Audrina Patridge has officially announced she will be leaving the MTV show, “The Hills.” Audrina told Splash News, “It feels like I’m graduating. I’m taking the next step and growing up and maturing and moving on in my life.”

Growing up an moving on.  Interesting.  So I guess maturing would be taking a step forward from yelling at other girls in bars, causing a complete scene, having zero acting ability and doing sexy commercials eating cheeseburgers?  Would maturing also be something done after the age of 24?

Audrina, you’re still a baby.  Be happy about it.  And in case you people didn’t know, the only reason this was posted is due to a shallow desire to include a gratuitous sexy picture of a girl with fake hoo has.

And it’s amazing to me that “leaving” a reality show constitutes news now.  I mean really?  Being on a reality show is a job?  I thought these were just people being taped.  Yeah it must be hard work having a camera on you while you go out for free and eat breakfast.

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