Attack of the Manimals in Red Dead Redemption


I’m still trucking through Red Dead Redemption, which is turning out to be a longer prospect than I initially imagined, and I’ll have another journal entry up soon. But until then, enjoy these two vidoes that spotlight glitches found in the game involving people animal hybrids that are just plan wonky.

The one you see above is the fearsome “Cougar Man” who has the speed and claws of a cougar, but the torso of a man. And after the jump, you’ll get to meet “Donkey Woman” who you can ride all around town, and no I don’t mean like that.

Interesting that they’re both from the same YouTube user? Maybe he just landed a defective copy. Has anyone else found any hybrid animal/humans on their adventures?


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  1. Havent seen any Dr. Moreau creatures yet, but I plan on equipping the bandit mask & acing any freakshow that comes my way….

    I’ve only seen the cougar/mountain lion once and it was mauling some passer by at the time.

  2. I’ve seen levitating sticks of dynamite and fire-arms that have seemingly joined the United States military(in place of actual soldiers, hahaha), but no beast/man hybrids.

  3. Oh and to anyone who is looking for a good stronghold to up your challenges online, head to presidio with 2-3 other guys & hold down the fort there. It’s loaded with cannons, machine guns & only 2 entry points. You can acheive most wanted status pretty quickly.

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