And the Winner of Unreality’s Banner Contest is…

….the design you see above and also way above now on our masthead. It’s by reader Chris Lee of, and I know I said I wasn’t going to take people’s comments into consideration, but with almost 100 responses on the entries post, I’d be kind of a dick not to, and a ton were in support of this design.

I think it’s rather cool myself and wouldn’t have picked it if i didn’t. I especially like the very subtle touch of including our six main categories via symbols for movies, games, TV, lists, reviews and pictures. Chris wins a free DVD of his choice, and a spot at the top of our site for this week. As much as I love the design, I can’t bear to part with my own version permanently!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, which drew a much bigger response than I anticipated. All of you did a great job, and we’ll probably have another photoshop contest sometime soon in the future, so watch out for that!

As always, thanks for reading. You all make this site possible.

Update: I’m going with a blue tint version of it so I don’t have to change the entire color scheme of the whole site.

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  1. Congratulations Chris, awesome design. Paul, after a week you should place nr. 9 as a permanent design. Sorry to say, but I like that design more then yours.

  2. I agree with Pep, there’ve been a lot of better ones in the competition that didn’t look so … basic.
    This is more like something people put over their first selfmade homepages in the 90s. xD

  3. There’s something I’ve been a tad curious about ever since I started paying more attention to the banner… why is it called Unreality Magazine, exactly? I see quite a bit of unreal material on this site but I’ve noticed a large lack of magazine :/

    Anyway, yeah, the banner is smexy. However, I agree with the others that you should let some other banners run on top of the site later. #1 or #9, specifically 🙂

  4. @Anonymous

    Fun fact: was taken like two months after I thought of the name, and I have zero idea how to get a hold of the person who owns it as it’s been “under construction” for years and Network Solutions is useless.

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