And the Award for Least Terrifying Horror Movie Poster Ever Goes To…


…Boy Vomiting Plastic Bag Poster for The Haunting in Connecticut, which incidentally was also a finalist for “Least Terrifying Horror Movie Title.” Is this movie planning on being an actual theatrical release, or is it just planning on premiering on SciFi at 11PM on a Saturday?

Nope, in theaters March 27th starring Virginia Madsen and absolutely no one else you’ve ever heard of. At least it’s not “based on a true story” or even better “inspired by true events.” I’m pretty sure a boy has never vomited a haunted plastic bag in real life before.

Update: It is a based on true events, which I would have discovered had I read the top of the poster… Whoops. See the comments for what these “true events” are.

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  1. The Discovery Channel series of ghost shows called ” A Haunting” did a story about this. Its on every afternoon during the weekdays and this Connecticut storys runs pratically every other week. Its a true story with the same title about a teenager with cancer whos folks moved into an old funeral home to be near the cancer hospital. His parents put him in his brothers in the basement/morgue and theyd see blackshadows which the parents ofcourse think the kids of nuts till the teen with cancer has a breakdown.

  2. I believe in this kind of stuff – I know it’s hard to imagine and they are just trying to get people interested with the “true story” and what the eff is in that kids mouth strategies… but I don’t know – i think its worth a chance.

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