An Archive of the Epic Rap Battles of History

Seeing as each of these videos has a few million views apiece, I’m sure this series isn’t news to some of you, but somehow it managed to slip past my radar. Strange, since my entire existence is essentially surfing the internet.

It’s exactly what it looks and sounds like, historical figures, both real and fictional, are pitted against each other in a rap battle to the death. The combos are selected by fans, which is how you get epic match-ups like Hulk Hogan vs. Kim Jong-Il or the above Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader.

Check them all out below, and suggest which pair you’d like to see next in the comments.

John Lennon vs. Billy O’Reilly


Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler


Abe Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris


Hulk Hogan vs. Kim Jong-Il


Justin Bieber vs. Beethoven


Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking


Genghis Khan vs. The Easter Bunny


Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga



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  1. Beethoven vs. Bieber is my favorite.
    I only wish people voted for match-ups that made more sense – what’s this bullshit? (Genghis Khan vs Easter Rabbit, Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong etc.)

  2. Fail!
    1. John Lennon vs Bill O’ Reily (Correct)
    2. Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler (Correct)
    3. Chuck Norris vs Abraham Lincoln (Correct)
    4. Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga (Incorrect place)
    5. Kim Jong Il vs. Hulk Hogan (Incorrect Place)
    6. Justin Bieber vs Ludwig Van Beethoven (Incorrect Place)
    7. Albert Einstine vs Stephen Hawking (Incorrect Place)
    8. Ghengis Khan vs Easter Bunny (Incorrect Place)
    9. Napoleon Dynamite vs Napoleon Bonaparte (Missing)

    If this is supposed to be in correct order… you failed.

    Also weres Napoleon vs Napoleon???

  3. I think the next epic rap battle should either be…
    Wilford Brimley vs Brittney Spears
    Robert E. Lee vs Barack Obama
    Rosie O’ Donnell vs Larry the Cable Guy

  4. Al Capone vs. DC Sniper (or the Godfather, if you want to go fictional)

    JFK vs. Julius Cesar

    Jack the Ripper vs Charles Manson

    These would be some epic battles for sure…

  5. Gordon Ramsay VS Hannibal Lecter.

    Julius Caesar VS Silvio Berlusconi.

    Al Capone VS Don Corleone.

    Jack The Ripper VS Jason Voorhees (hockey mask guy).

    Rocky Balboa VS Muhammad Ali.

  6. Kryten (from the series Red Dwarf) VS C-3PO
    JK Rowling VS Machiolvelli
    Brittney Spears VS Marie Antoinette
    Jonas Brothers VS The Beatles
    Lee Harvey Oswald VS Altair (Assassin’s Creed)
    James Bond VS Austin Powers
    Ayn Rand VS The Pope (Any Pope will do)

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