An Amazing Dark Pokemon Wallpaper

(click to for wallpaper size)

I was actually tweeted this picture via my new Twitter account, so I’m not convinced that the medium is actually good for something. What I found in the link was this excellent “Dark Pokemon” picture that’s giant enough to be my new desktop background.

It features what Pokemon would look like if they were free of their family friendly creator, Nintendo, and were allowed to go down a darker, more twisted path. Can you imagine a console RPG where you capture and battle monsters that look like these?

I think I can place all of them. Team Rocket head there has Dugtrio, Nidoqueen, NidoKing, Rhyhorn and Mewtwo. Ash has Blastoise, Snorlax, Charizard, Venusaur, Lapras and Pikachu. I’m not sure who this other girl is, but she’s got a pair of Magnemites and what appears to be either Onyx or Gyrados, but I think it might actually be Steelix which I forgot existed. Great stuff all around and someone PLEASE let me know who drew this so I can virtually shake their hand.


  1. Filosoraptor November 15, 2010
  2. wooldor November 15, 2010
  3. Jbo November 15, 2010
  4. Gabriel November 15, 2010
  5. vidiot November 15, 2010
  6. L4NkYb November 16, 2010
  7. Jagon December 16, 2010
  8. Moonyfox April 8, 2011
  9. Phasma Felis August 15, 2011

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