Amazing D&D Cosplay Brings Kenku To Life

In the world of cosplay, there are always fascinating and indescribable characters that are brought to life before our very eyes. However, we have met one that was truly eye opening, and an amazing dedication to the game of ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ that many have probably not seen before. We are about to introduce you to a Kenku Rogue named Rue, who is a character that is a half bird, half human creature who many would more than likely mistake for that of a crow. This scavenger type creature from ‘D&D’ is brought to life by a woman named Rah-Bop, who is an artist with a very popular website. In this article, we are going to introduce you to this cosplay character on a whole other level, and see the intricate detail that has gone into this character to bring it to life. Let’s get started.

The Finer Details

As explained by Rah-Bop, her cosplay costume of Rue took her about a month to make throughout her spare time aside from her day job. She has gone to many extremes to bring even the finest details to life, including the ability for the beak to move naturally with the words that are being spoken, and even the eyelids moving and blinking as if the bird like creature is truly alive and expressing real emotions. Rah-Bop also used both chicken feathers along with foam feathers to make the feel of the head and wings more life like, and making it seem more realistic for the character herself. Just from seeing the video, you can tell that this is a work of art.

Details About The Kenku Character

The Kenku, or bird person in more literal context, from ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ is a character that acts more as a scavenger, someone who is dependent on other players in the game to make their way in the ‘world’. In more technicality, the Kenku became a huge race of characters who were able to be played with once the 5th edition of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ was released. When we look at Rah-Bop’s cosplay of her own Kenku character, who she named Rue, we can see that she is dressed and resembles the classic look of a Kenku in the game itself.

Needless to say, the cosplay that Rah-Bop has created is truly unique and incredible, and to think she made every single inch of it all by herself. The self acclaimed artist and illustrator also makes other cosplay costumes, but doesn’t take any commission for her work, or any of her other art for that matter, aside from her day job. You can see more of Rah-Bop’s work, along with more detailed FAQs and other information regarding her Kenku cosplay on her Tumblr page. This has been our closer look at this amazing and one of a kind Kenku cosplay costume that was created with such fine and close attention to detail, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this clever cosplay at any upcoming conventions out there. Thanks for reading!

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