Alright Team, Let’s Cast LOBO


Hey-a, have you heard? Guy Ritchie is directing the Lobo movie! And also, there’s a Lobo movie! There are practically zero details besides those two facts as of now but also its being reported that Warner Bros. is aiming for a PG-13 rating. Presumably they’re unfamiliar with the character and they’ll wise up over time.

Anyways, I’d now like to open up the floor to Lobo casting speculation. Who do you think could fill the giant blue biceps of the space anti-hero? I’m going to say Watchmen‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the moment. You?

[via Variety]

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  1. Can we please cast Rob Zombie as the lead? I said this over on /Film but the character looks exactly like Zombie and how he is drawn on Hellbilly Deluxe. He’d have to beef up for sure but… he’s perect.

  2. PG-13? Then what’s the friggin point? I have a bunch of Lobo comics; they’re great…but a PG-13 just won’t do. Damn.

    Anyway, as far as casting…how about Mickey Rourke?

  3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the ONLY conceivable outcome I would back. And I would back it 100%.

    What a handsome guy.

    Plus he totally looks the part, at least in that picture (face).

  4. @ Lagrange

    I’d like to see him slaughter Santa, but I don’t think that’ll make it into the movie.

    I am seriously bummed out that a Lobo movie finally comes along, and it’s likely gonna be PG-13.

  5. Come on,,, KEVIN DURAND is the best choice for LOBO!!!

    Think about it, funny ive done a LOBO FAN CAST at comic book lol.

    Cool news about a LOBO movie, not so good its PG-13 but real bad news LOBO may be teaming up with a friggin’ teenage EARTH girl wtf lol??? Hopefully that’ll change! ; )

  6. I’m all for Kevin Durand getting the role. He’s got the height for it and bad asses seem to come easy to him. ‘Sides, that guy deserves a leading role. 😛 Though I can’t say I’d complain too if Jeffrey Dean Morgan got it. I love me some JDM, but I think he’s got plenty on his plate at the moment. Lol

    Sucks about the PG-13 rating too. I like Guy, but I say give it to Zack Snyder. He knows how to get things done as close to right as it can be and he’s not afraid of an ‘R’ rating. 😛

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