What The Actors from the Terminator Movies Look like Today


It’s hard to believe that the original Terminator was released in 1984.  I don’t think that anyone could have predicted it would become the kind of franchise that it has.  Personally I think they should have stopped at Terminator 2 (which was amazing) and that would have been fine.  But at the same time, when you’re a Hollywood executive and your job is to bring in profits, it makes total sense to run a franchise until it can’t make money anymore.  Let’s just hope that Terminator is at that point because Genisys was a freaking joke.

While I think Christian Bale is a phenomenal actor, I just never felt him as John Connor.  And while I have no problem with beautiful women there was no real reason for T3.  Sure Kristanna Loken is hot (and lifeless in the film) but again, why?  The entire movie franchise is based on this insane time loop that appears to be compromised over and over and over again.  I mean what’s to stop the future from changing infinitely?  Eh, whatever.  There are too many theories out there and it would be a bore to run through them all.

The point is that I really loved the first two and let’s just leave it at that.  Speaking of time warps, father time has certain caught up with some of the Terminator movies cast.  Here’s a look at how seven of the franchises actors look now:

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The former California Governor turns 70 next year and still remains an icon of action cinema.


Michael Biehn has starred in several of the greatest films ever made, but the actor says that Kyle Reese was his favorite character he ever played.


This is what Edward Furlong, the actor who played John Connor, looks like now. One of the biggest teen heartthrobs of the ’90s has battled alcoholism and drug addiction for years, which derailed his career.


Linda Hamilton – The actress who played Sarah Connor continues to act in movies and TV shows. And even though we can see the signs of aging on her face, her beauty has not disappeared.


Robert Patrick – This iron villain is not far behind. He currently acts in the Scorpion series, and his eyes still infuse the same respect and fear as 20 years ago.


Nick Stahl – The actor who played John Connor in the third Terminator film in 2002 has battled drug addiction for years and has been absent from the big screen since 2011.


Kristanna Loken – Probably the sexiest villain of all the Terminator movies, T-X was responsible for hunting down John Connor in Terminator 3. The truth is that after more than ten years, the beauty of Kristanna remains the same.


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  1. Poor Nick Fame can and has have an adrenalin addiction that most people never are exposed to. This industry eats it’s young and is happy to do so, IMO…

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