Ninja Turtles and Flying Foxes for This Year’s Halloween

Well you’ve seen my attempt at Nathan Drake, and now here’s my other half to show off her Halloween costumes this year, which went over far better than mine during our nights out.

My girlfriend had two costumes this year, both from the fine folks at Yandy.com. You know, the place with the exceptionally unique Halloween costumes that we’ve featured before? But she didn’t go with anything too crazy, rather she took two of their standard costumes, a sea turtle and a fox, and gave them an Unreality twist by making them a Ninja Turtle (Raphael) and Tails (from Sonic) respectively.

They may not be as homemade as her Pikachu from last year, but I think they turned out really well. The rather hilarious gallery starts below.

(click to enlarge)

The Tails costume is on the next page!

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  1. Your girlfriend obviously looks lovely, but there is a part of me that wishes that girls didn’t feel the need to always look sexy. It’s as though I’m torn; as a guy I love that girls do this, but the child/creativeness in me wishes to see more ghost and ghouls…

    Ex. This year Hedi Klum went as Flayed corpse (yay) as opposed to Sophia Turner that went as a Native Indian (yay again but for different reasons).

    I dunno…

  2. @jaromir I sort of get that sentiment. I think this is a little better done because it’s creative. Wearing a corset and a lacy thong and going as a sexy pirate is one thing, and it’s hard to respect something like that when it’s obvious what attention they want. But if someone was to go the extra mile and make a nice Miss Fortune costume ( http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Miss_Fortune_the_Bounty_Hunter/SkinsTrivia ) I’d pretty much have to say damn, where’s the fight, I wanna get my Urgot on.

    It’s kind of like the well done costumes at Blizzcon. Some can be real sexy and show a lot of mid-rift and chest, but still be classy if there’s effort and a close resemblance to the game material.
    Others can be a little overboard and basically have such a low-worn thong that they’re basically just showing off their Brazilian wax job. It’s a fine line, for sure. (i.e. all the Alexstrasza costumes from Blizzcon 2010)

  3. While this post is completely in the tone of the website, I can’t help but think Paul just posted it as a way to say, “Guys, look at how ridiculously cute my girlfriend is. No seriously, look.”

    (That was all in loving sarcasm.)

  4. Ha! That’s pretty cool. Of course, she looks great and the costumes are just awesome. They look so comfortable too.

    I’ll post it here too but your Nathan Drake costume also kicked all kinds of ass.

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