A Pretty Accurate Summation of My Current Experience with Black Ops


I still actively play Black Ops every other day or so, but my patience with the game is quickly winding down. I’ve always preferred Halo to Call of Duty, because when you die it usually feels like your fault. This is not the case in COD, whereas it seems that most times you are killed it’s by something completely out of your control (a host of killstreaks), someone behind you that you have zero chance of avoiding or killing, or worst of all host lag, which results in the commonly heard phrase “I F***ING SHOT HIM!”

Above is an installment of the Raging Gamer which has very, very NSFW language but reassured me I’m not alone. I’m a pretty quiet person, but no game makes me go off quite like this one, and I’d switch back to Halo if I didn’t absolutely despise reach.

Battlefield 3 anyone?

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  1. I hate the PSN. Oh how I wish I could be getting frustrated in Black Ops right now. You never realize how much you like something till it’s gone. Thanks Anonymous, thanks for hurting the user-base of the Corporation you despise so much.

  2. That pretty much sums up why I thought Black Ops was one of the worst video game purchases I’ve ever made. And I bought Homefront.

    But seriously, give me Homefront or Bad Company 2 multiplayer over any CoD since World at War. At least in those, you win through teamwork, not some dick with the best ping running around and racking up kill streaks.

  3. Wow. How did I make it through two minutes of that guy’s voice? Was that the Brittney Spears apologist?

    Seriously though, lag is the worst, the fucking worst. I can deal with everything else, but lag is unacceptable. Its what gets you killed by bastards in second chance lying on the ground who shot you in the head before you round the corner on your own screen. Was it you who posted that awesome lag video on YouTube?

  4. I got rid of BlOps about a month ago. I couldn’t stand it anymore. It was fucking terrible. I also returned Reach about 3 weeks after I got it.

    Hopefully Brink will save us all

  5. I gave up Black Ops about a month ago…picked up Team Fortress 2…never ever looked back.
    The Call of Duty games infuriate me unlike any other game I play.
    Not because I’m a noob, or suck at FPS..but just because they are poorly designed, yet consumed relentlessly.
    And I know I am not alone.

    It took me the realization that I was playing something in my free-time (aka relaxation time) that was getting me so heated up for no reason, to get me to stop.

    Since then, I’ve stopped drinking and smoking so much, lost 50lbs, and enjoy playing video games again.

  6. To be honest, I’ve never heard anyone going on like that on a game over the PSN. Sure you get the odd dick running his mouth off, but never at that level of vitriol.

    And as for the lag problems, I agree with everyone on here. They’ve been there from the start, especially over the PSN. I’ve cursed the times when I’ve been plagued by an extremely bad connection, but you just chalk it up to experience and move on.

    I think I’m a decent enough player on COD. I do pretty well most games and hit the high end killstreaks in I’d say one out of three or four games. I won’t say I’m great, but most nights, I enjoy playing, which is what buying the game is supposed to be about in the first place.

    I’ve said before that FPS games need something to combat the scourge of corner camping with claymores etc before. In an objective based game it makes sense and the people playing should have the sense to chuck a few flash or whatever grenades near such points to flush people out. Its an Offence/Defence situation.

    As for Paul’s comments above, I tend to disagree mightily. If someone gets behind you and gets the jump on you, through something other than simply waiting for you to run past them before shooting, they’ve shown a degree of skill to get there in the first place.

    And the constant dying through killstreaks can be rectified through running a class with Ghost Pro. It’s what it is there for.

    There was a lot of bitching about Ghost from day one in Blops. People argued it was because now there was no Stopping Power, it encouraged people to use Ghost all the time because before they were handicapped in the damage stakes by using it instead of SP.

    I used Cold Blooded all the time in MW2 and did decently enough in games. And Cold Blooded was a lot better than Ghost. You had nothing to do to avoid getting mowed by Harriers or Pave Lows or whatever.

    Putting the perk on meant you were instantly invisible to everything but your name appearing when someone targets you. And let’s face it, most people know to blast something in front of them that doesn’t have a corresponding icon as a teammate on their own radar.

    To get Ghost Pro you have to hope you can get a sentry gun somewhere to knife. I’m ninth prestige now and sometimes I get to level 35-40 before hitting Ghost Pro because of that sentry gun kill. In MW2, I’d be invisible to all from day one.

    Jeez, that was quite a drunken rant, but I reckon most people will agree with a bit of what I said. After all, I mean, wearing a flak jacket would not prevent a claymore mine from ripping your legs to pieces or an RPG not just blowing you up, but tearing your body to pieces as it rips straight through you.

  7. Out of curiosity, why do you despise Reach? I’m not having a go or anything it’s a genuine question. I haven’t actually played any other Halo game online since Halo 2 (I picked up Reach just over a month ago, and got Halo 3 and ODST for a really cheap price so I could finish the campaign) but to be perfectly honest I am having so much fun on it. What about Reach makes it a worse game then, lets say Halo 3?

    Thank you!

  8. Sure, Black Ops can be frustrating as hell some times but, Jesus it’s just a game, roll with it dude!

    Incidentally, I would muted that guy after, like, 10 seconds. You’re only adding to the gayness pal!

  9. After MW2, I didn’t bother picking this game up. I had fun in CoD4, despised MW2 and pretty would hate this game. I’ll just continue raging in Reach until BF3 comes out.

  10. Never play COD BO on MP…Switched to Bad Company 2. Well has it’s glitches too, but more fun than COD.
    Thinkin bout buying BF 3.
    If you wanna add me on XBL, just make a new comment askin for my XBL ID…
    PSN sucks…

  11. Just switch to Battlefield. The transition will be awful, but once you dominate the gunplay, and work with your squad it will be the most awesome experience ever. Also, destructable enviroments.

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