A Mighty Fine Use of Sidewalk Chalk

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Alright, well apparently you all have spoken, and the Pokemon lovers here outnumber the haters, so I will keep posting awesome shit like this without fear of a user revolt.

Today’s example is this fine bit of sidewalk art showcasing a classic Gameboy Pokemon battle. It’s nice to know there are those who still draw on the sidewalk just for the fun of it, not just to sell something or announce some sort of club meeting on campus.

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  1. When you post a Pokemon article it’s quite obvious that there will be more pokemon lovers then “haters”

    Because of the awesomeness of the site I will visit, but still..

  2. I choose you, Paul Tassi!

    Paul Tassi uses “Pokemon Post”. It’s highly effective!

    Disgruntled Readers use “Whining.” It’s highly effective!

    Paul Tassi is stunned!

    Disgruntled Readers use “Bitching.” It’s not very effective!

    Paul Tassi uses “The Majority Opinion! This site focuses on nostalgia and Pokemon causes a lot of nostalgia in the readers!” It’s super effective.

    Disgruntled Readers are KO’d.

    (It’s been years since I’ve played a game, so sorry if that’s really inaccurate, but you get the point.)

  3. What are you talking about? It’s been decided? There was only 6 responses on that thread and only 2 people were actually happy about it and 1 wasn’t. Quit looking for excuses to put up more pokemon posts you morons! If you want to post pokemon shit then fine just don’t act like were asking for it.

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