A Mario Themed Picnic is…Romantic?

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I’ve seen a few piece of Mario-themed food before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much in one place before. Either this is the world’s geekiest date, or there is one very lonely, very large guy about to eat all this in the middle of his back yard.

From what I can gather, there are brownies, toast, cookies and cupcakes, and one circular, non-Mario themed cake/pie thing in the back that implies this is a legitimate picnic. Made up almost entirely of deserts. I really am quite fearful to see what the guy or girl looks like who made this, if this is their idea of a balanced meal.

But in any case, the craftsmanship is great, and I really could go for a Goomba cookie right now.

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  1. Hi, this is my picnic, and to clarify, it was a geeky date, not a fat guys lonely night in.
    To be honest most of the food was laid out for the picture, we only ate a small amount of it on the pinnic and we were eating mario themed leftovers for about a week!
    There were indeed brownies, cupcakes, sandwiches(not toast), cookies, bobomb truffles and pasties.. and even “princess” peach schapps to drink.
    The cake in the back wasnt non themed, though to be fair by the time it made it all the way to the picnic location it wasn’t as obviously themed as it started out!
    It was a victoria sponge dusted with icing sugar with mario and peaches silhouettes. There is a picture that shows it a little more clearly on the flickr account above.

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