A Look at All Quentin Tarantino’s Homages in Kill Bill


So this is one of the cooler videos I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s called Everything is a Remix, and it shows all the various films Quentin Tarantino drew on when filming Kill Bill. I knew the man liked homages, but this is ridiculous. Practically every memorable scene in the film is taken from a past one. At one point does an homage become a rip-off I wonder?

I have to also speculate that some of these are chance, and being read too much into. I previously said on JoBlo when I wrote about this that about the scene where Elle is writhing on the ground probably wasn’t supposed to be a tribute to Blade Runner. Then I realized it was Daryl Hannah. Facepalm.

Check it out above, and chime in with your own thoughts about if some of these were unintentional, and if Quentin wasn’t being original enough.

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  1. Assuming that some of these shots/scenes are not coincidental or basic elements of directing, it would seem that Tarantino has extensive knowledge of films (or at least martial arts, slasher, western ones). Either way, it’s impressive that he was able to integrate/synthesize all those elements in Kill Bill.

    …The splatter of blood that taints the snow after s O-Ren Iishi is scalped (weirdly enough) one that I consider to be visually / artistically beautiful. That entire segment (fight in garden) is my all time favorite of the film. I find poetic and poignant the juxtaposition of peace and beauty in the midst of violence. The understated beauty of that whole segment is one that enthralls me.

  2. While there are certainly some (lots) of homages in Tarantino’s movies, I don’t think this does a very good job on Kill Bill. Some of the scenes they show as homages are extremely loose, if intentional at all. Not to mention the last minute or so is just homages to HIS OWN MOVIES. That’s just a thematic thing, particularly the trunk shot – I’ve heard him say he just likes it, so he puts it in all his movies. And he’s clearly got a foot fetish!

  3. Also, in Tarantino’s defense, the scene after Elle Driver gets her eye ripped out (the one where she flops around on the ground having a fit) was improvised by her. Supposedly Tarantino just wanted her to be angry. (Hanna also ended up hurting herself for real in that scene)

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