A Gods of Thunder Battle Royale

These two have been calling themselves the God of Thunder for years now, so it stands to reason that this battle has been brewing for a while. Here it’s been illustrated by EnygmatycNinja, and he’s done a fine job of bringing the conflict to life.

In one corner, Thor would seem to be the more legitimate God of Thunder as he’s the one of real-life legend. Conversely, Raiden is the one that actually USES the power of thunder and lightning, not superhuman strength and an indestructible hammer.

So, who would win?

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  1. ok here’s my opinion, thor is a super strength’d immortal that uses a large indestructable hammer as a weapon….sounds an awful lot like someone from mortal kombat right? so now look at who always wins between shoa kahn and raiden…i think i have my answer

  2. Zues Doesn’t count, as he is the god of gods not the god of thunder. He provided the nut responsible for these two “gods”. He would speak and they would bow and listen. As for Thor and Raiden, Raiden would pull some crazy lightning voodoo outand demolish, Thor. He beat Shoa Kahn down and Thor is awfully similar to Mr. Kahn…

  3. Both are based on actual mythological gods. Neither is especially accurate. Both wield the power of thunder and lightning. All in all, probably a pretty even match. That is, until you consider that Raiden regularly gets his ass kicked by mortal chumps like Johnny Cage. I’m giving it to Thor, who regularly holds his own against the likes of the Hulk and Loki.

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