A Few Questions for The Walking Dead

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Walking Dead, and enjoyed last night’s premiere, but a few nagging questions kept popping into my head while watching that perhaps you could help me out with.

– Can you leave voicemails on walkie talkies?

– How do five dozen lumbering zombies sneak up on you on an open stretch of freeway?

– Why are all these dead people sitting in their cars? Did they starve to death waiting for traffic to clear up?

– Zombies can swallow woodchuck skulls whole?

– Are reindeer commonly found in the forests of Georgia?

So yeah, I’m not officially reviewing this show, but I’m open to talking about it a bit from time to time. Outside of the above questions, I liked the episode. I think it’s good they cut the group down to the bare essential members, as things were overcrowded before. Is anyone’s favorite character NOT Daryl? I mean seriously.

Ways to improve? Rick is played by Andrew Lincoln, a British actor who I feel goes a bit over the top with the whole cowboy thing sometimes, and it was particularly noticeable in his two monologues to the walkie talkie and Jesus this episode. He’s got to tone it down a bit.

I’m more in love with the concept and execution of this show (surviving and navigating a zombie apocalypse), than I am with the characters, most of whom are intensely dislikable with few exceptions. That said, it’s enjoyable enough to look forward to every week, and even with all the staff changes and budget cuts to the show, I’m looking forward to seeing how a full season plays out.



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