A Definition of What Camping is and is Not


The video is just a visual aid to this article, and not it’s main content. I was on Reddit today, when I found this rather interesting thread about what camping is and isn’t. This is of particular interest to me because I can no longer play a game of Call of Duty without the losers calling the other team a bunch of campers, no matter how they played.

But I think it is interesting to note what does and does not make up a camper. The general idea is that hiding in a dark corner with akimbo shottys = camping, but hiding in a sniping perch with a full view of the map = not camping.

Hit the jump for the full, length definition, and see if you agree with it.

From onefingerattack:

Camping is sitting in a corner for an extended period time. If you kill me once and I return 2 minutes later to find out that you’re still in the exact same corner, THEN I’ll consider you a camper. Campers are notorious for staying in spots that have no real strategic value. Usually, the person is sitting there because they’re afraid of 1 on 1 confrontation and are just hoping on the chance of somebody running by. There’s no skill involved… no defensive awareness, and they usually get their ass handed to them. I’ve rarely seen true campers get a high KDR. If a camper has a positive KDR, it’s because YOU didn’t put a stop to him and/or ran past the same area without checking your corners.

Camping is NOT defending/locking down a spot that has a strategic value. If I’m standing in a window with a sniper rifle and that window overlooks a busy area and/or the majority of the map, I’m playing intelligently. If locking down that location involves me having to plant claymores in strategic positions and defend oncomers with noob tubes and frag grenades, then I’m not camping. You may think it’s super cool and awesome to run around the map like Rambo using the sniper rifle like an assault rifle but that’s not what sniper rifles were made for. Sure, if you can quickscope yourself into a positive KDR, then so be it. Maybe hot chicks will all want a piece of you for being so l33t. But if you’re running around like a jackass getting your ass handed to you 9 out of 10 times, you’re not helping your team. Snipers are supposed to remain somewhat stationary. Blaming a sniper for being still is like blaming a helicopter for flying.

The term “camper” is now being used to describe “anyone who killed me.” I do this sometimes too, but it’s usually just because I’m annoyed at myself and need to vent. I remember catching a glimpse of a guy running towards an area that lead directly to the room I was sniping from. I took out my secondary weapon and waited. I killed said guy as he burst into the room. I then got called a camper, even though the killcam showed that I had seen him/her run towards the stairs. What was I suppose to do? Wait in the middle of the room? Allow the guy some time to get into the room so that we could both have a fair gentleman-like duel and a hearty laugh afterwards? No. It’s a game and I’m playing for points. Now… if I had been sitting there hoping on hope for someone to run past so that I could use my shotgun, then I’d be an out-and-out camper.

Camping is also when you plant yourself on a spawn point and shoot guys as they spawn. Fortunately, most modern games won’t allow this to happen so easily.

Also – in objective based games, holding down a position is pretty useless to the team unless that position is the objective or right beside it. Being in the corner of the map away from all the objectives is just kill-whoring. There are other gametypes for that.

In objective based games such as Search and Destroy COD, the goal is to be as careful as possible while completing the objective. No, I don’t agree with someone not trying to diffuse a bomb because they’re afraid that they’re killstreak will be ruined. If you’re the last one left, make a move or go and play a kill-based match-type. On the other hand, people who just run out into the open like lambs towards the slaughter are doing nothing to help their team. Maybe they’ll get a kill or two if they’re lucky, but usually they’re running up against well-placed enemies who pick them off from an elevated/fortified position.

EDIT: At the end of the day, campers are other players. If you’re annoyed at a camper for killing you, so be it, but don’t blame the camper if he or she has killed you multiple times. That’s your fault. There are no rules for how someone wants to approach the game. A camper has a right to be a camper as much as you have the right to play aggressively. If a camper is getting the better of you, change your strategy. If you can’t change your strategy, you’re not a good player.


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