A Cool Gallery of Mortal Kombat Cosplay


If you’re a regular reader of this site, you should know that we really love cosplay here at Unreality.  Not actually doing it, of course, but finding pictures of cool or funny cosplay costumes and posting them in galleries.  That sort of love.  In the past, I gave you guys a Street Fighter cosplay gallery, so it’s only right that I do one for Mortal Kombat cosplay, too.

Has Mortal Kombat been the more successful of the two brands?  It has more sequels, a few movies, and even some techno songs.  I know that Street Fighter has a couple of awful movies, and maybe some animated ones, but I feel like Mortal Kombat is somehow the larger of the two.

Anyway, here’s a cool gallery of Mortal Kombat cosplay.













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  1. Also: With the exception of one or two of them, waaay too many scrawny white kids dressing up like super muscular ninjas. The dude who did Jax has *some* tone to his muscles, but the majority of the pictures? Scrawny stuff.

    Reminds me of the Kratos cosplay on here before. Like, the costume was good, but if you’re packing no muscle at all, maybe you should choose to cosplay someone who isn’t defined by his unrealistic physique. Just maybe.

  2. @Madison (Damn 3 comments within 5 minutes, I’m sorry): Reminds me of Fight Club. “Abraham Lincoln. Skinny guys fight til they’re burger.”

  3. @ SirEdward

    Agreed, but sometimes that really makes me laugh. Like the really fat guy at Comic-Con who dresses as Skeletor. I’d love to see an obese Flash. Or an anorexic Incredible Hulk.

  4. I don’t know what’s better, the Sub-Zero with the blue dentist’s mask and cargo pants or the one rockin’ the blue duct tape bracers with Sharpie marker details…

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