A Comprehensive List of Memorable Movie Stoners


Pot has become mostly commonplace in our culture, so it should come as no surprise that marijuana has found its way onto the big screen.  Regardless of your feelings on Mary Jane, the portrayal of stoners in movies is usually pretty amusing.  There’s just something inherently hilarious (and for lots of us, um, familiar) about a dude with slowed speech and a penchant for getting all philosophical while ripping bong hits from a four-footer.  It sure makes me giggle, at least.  After the jump is a rundown of some of the most memorable stoners in movies.  Enjoy it with a fattie, OK Computer, and a bag of Cheetos:

Cheech & Chong  – Up In Smoke, Nice Dreams, Things Are Tough All Over, Still Smokin’, etc.


Pretty much synonymous with “stoners,” Cheech and Chong have been preaching free love and gettin’ blazed since the 1970s.  The pair starred in several movies together after the cult success of Up in Smoke.  It’s tough to pick a defining stoner moment for these guys, as everything they do in all of their movies somehow involves selling, smoking, lighting, eating, or engineering weed.  I don’t think these two potheads will ever be dethroned as the kings of movie stoners.

Floyd – True Romance


Before he became a megastar, Brad Pitt played Floyd in the awesome flick True Romance.  Here’s a clip of Floyd getting (more) baked, being baked, and unselfishly offering a group of thugs with guns the chance to smoke a bowl:


Saul Silver – Pineapple Express


Franco’s performance in Pineapple Express is analogous to Johnny Depp’s in Pirates of the Carribbean.  The thing is, because Franco played a stoner, he won’t get much credit for his role.  And man, did he nail the part.  Saul Silver is the quintessential stoner: he waxes poetic about civil engineering, gets high every minute of every day, and even displays an incredible sense of pacifism, apologizing to someone for smashing them in the head with a coffee pot.  The first time I saw Saul Silver was through a bonus feature on the Superbad DVD, and he immediately became one of my favorite movie characters.  If everyone was like Saul Silver, the world would be a better place.

Thurgood – Half Baked


Yes, Thurgood makes the list, and no, Brian (played by Jim Breuer) does not.  Jim Breuer is not funny and has never been funny.  What’s he done?  I mean, besides that stupid goat boy routine and make the same stupid f*cking face in everything he’s ever appeared in.  This movie would be ten times funnier if someone else played Brian.  Sh*t, it’d be funnier if Robin Williams played Brian, and he’s as unfunny as he is hairy.  Back to Thurgood, though – the end of this clip just kills me:


Harold & Kumar – Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay


I didn’t think Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was going to be very funny, but I was very pleasantly surprised.  Harold and Kumar are a nice change of pace from the stereotypical movie stoners that simply lie around all day and puff grass.  Salary and status-wise, Harold has a pretty decent job, and Kumar has the credentials to go to medical school.  I’m no elitist, but these are the types of stoners I grew up around, which is maybe why these two crack me up so much.

Mersh – PCU


In this very funny movie, Jake Busey plays a very funny Deadhead stoner with the same name as a crappy kind of bud.  I’m guessing his father may have helped quite a bit with nailing down the character’s idiosyncrasies.  “Just one little binger to brighten up your day.”

Dante – Grandma’s Boy


Dante doesn’t have too many brain cells left, but he’s still pretty awesome.  Dante deals weed and has a thing for hanging around animals, as evidenced by the great pic above.  After an inspirational monologue by Mr. Cheezle, Dante asks “Where do you get your weed?”

“From you, Dante.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah.”

Ron Slater – Dazed and Confused


Everyone in Dazed and Confused smokes trees, but Ron seems to do it and enjoy it just a bit more than everyone else.  Ron’s high-as-a-kite conspiracy theory about the images on a dollar bill sounds eerily familiar to some of bullsh*t I heard in high school.  This movie owns, and the great soundtrack makes it a classic.

Marty – Knocked Up


Marty is my favorite stoner on this entire list.  Seriously.  He’s not as recognizable as most of the others, and admittedly, he’s not as funny, either.  Marty, though, takes getting baked to a whole different plane.  In my favorite scene in the movie, Ben brings Alison to his house for the first time and introduces her to his roommates.  Everyone says hello, but not Marty.  Marty is sitting on the couch, his face covered with a ridiculous beard, and is so f*cking high that he can barely manage to move his arm – a great way to make a first impression.  We’ve all been there.  Right?

Jeff Spicoli – Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Spicoli’s a pretty memorable character, and it fascinates me that he was played by Sean Penn before Penn decided to be become insufferably liberal and take himself way too seriously.  He’s still a great actor, though, and thanks to him, we were given stoner Jeff Spicoli.  “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”  Amen.

Silas P. Silas and Jamal King – How High


After smoking their friend Ivory, his ghost gives Silas and Jamal the answers to the THC (Testing for Higher Credentials) exam, enabling them to gain acceptance into Harvard.  Naturally, hilarity ensues and grass is burned.  The best thing about this movie?  My dad loves it.  I was floored when I found out.  I would have been less surprised if he told me he was pregnant.

Smokey – Friday


It’s true: just about everything Smokey says during this movie is funny.  From the first time he announces his presence to Craig (“Break yo self, fool!”) until the end (“You just got knocked the f*ck out!”), Smokey is a one-man quote machine.  In fact, one of his lines can pretty much sum up the entire plot and theme of the movie:

“I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do. ”  If only every day was a Friday.

Jay and Silent Bob – Almost Every Kevin Smith Movie


At a minimum, Jay and Silent Bob induce a chuckle when they’re on screen.  Silent Bob, as his monicker implies, usually doesn’t have much to say.  Jay, on the other hand, is the personification of vulgarity.  He’s as quick to make a d*cksucking joke (Make like a circus seal?  Nice.) as he is to light up a joint, and when the reins are loosened in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the result is one of the funniest pairs of stoners in movie history.  What a lovely tea party.

The Dude – The Big Lebowski


What, you didn’t think I was going to leave out The Dude, did you?  For shame!  The above pic says it all.  If you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, you’ve really missed out.  It’s one of the Coen Brothers’ best movies, and a lot of that is because of the loveable stoner known as The Dude.  The Dude abides.

So there you have it – a comprehensive list of movie stoners.  I don’t think I made any glaring emissions omissions, but if I did, let me know.  I’m stone sober, so it’s not like I have a real excuse.


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