A 5th Rambo Movie is Greenlighted: Let the Jokes Fly


According to Variety

John Rambo’s officially readying for a fifth mission.  Nu Image/Millennium Films has greenlit the franchise’s fifth installment, with Sylvester Stallone starring and directing, repeating his duties from 2008’s “Rambo.”

The upcoming project’s storyline revolves around Rambo fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.S.-Mexico border. Production will start in the spring.

Please oh please can we start up with jokes about walkers and canes and stuff?  I just don’t have it in me to come up with anything.  Let’s do a little Rambo 5 joke contest or something.

I’m waiting and counting on you guys…..

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  1. why do we hate old people in this country? i don’t want to start some political debate, that’s not what i’m intending.

    i just find it odd how we think old people are hilarious and can’t do “fake” action. i mean it’s not like he’s actually going to fight people

    and to be honest at 65 or whatever he is, it’s still way more believable than all the indiana jones action movies were. ford could never throw a punch.
    it was ok when clint eastwood was a badass again in gran torino.

    people think it’s not believable to have someone his age playing an action star, but does his age really change the fact that he can still run, punch, shoot a gun? that guy is in better shape than most fat americans in their so-called prime. if you didn’t know his age, you wouldn’t complain. hgh or steroids doesn’t matter, the guy can still physically hold down an action movie

  2. I’m with Mr. Killington on this one.

    I actually just watched Rambo 4 last night, for the first time, and Stallone is still more badass than any 60-something year old has any right to be.

  3. @iceman – i found the making of jokes to be a buzzkill of the announcement. so i suppose that makes everyone a buzzkill huh? but fair enough, you have every right to make jokes. i personally would rather enjoy the news

  4. Stallone is still jacked and awesome and more bad ass than men half his age. How awesome (read: violent) was the last Rambo movie? Who cares how old Stallone is now, if the new Rambo is like the last one, I’m in.

  5. dude I thought that the last Rambo fucking rocked ass and as far as I’m concerned they can pump that fucker full or ‘roids and keep making movies with him tearing fuckers up and shaking off bullet wounds until the movies suck, or he falls apart and/or explodes.

  6. I will watch the next Rambo Movie and enjoyed the last one more than the previous ones. I dont watch Rambo movies for intellectual stimulus, nor good acting. At times I like to zone out and watch the “bad guys” get obliterated to smithereens. Besides Im 52 and I think to myself…if Stallone can still get beefed up…then maybe I oughta go back to the gym minus the probable Steriods.

    Its Hollywood, not real life. Stallone carries the edginess and war torn enigma better than most young whipper snappers….

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