5 of the Best Virtual Reality Multiplayer Games

Virtual reality games are great fun, but with so many (expensive) platforms and titles on the market, the communities are fractured. Thus, some people might have a hard time finding a good multiplayer game with a solid player base. For this purpose, we have taken the time to handpick five multiplayer titles that you can enjoy without spending hours to find a match. In addition, we will briefly cover each game’s gameplay features and mechanics to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The Star Trek series has had an interesting history in gaming – which is a polite way to say that most games set in this universe are quite bad. Fortunately for everybody involved, the developers at Red Storm Entertainment have struck gold with Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Also, in this article about the best VR multiplayer games reviewed, Bridge Crew occupies the 7th place, with a Steam rating of 9/10.

And you will agree with the high ratings as soon as you boot up the game. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a multiplayer strategy cooperative adventure game (it is not as confusing as it sounds) that puts you, and three other players in charge of the USS Aegis (and later the USS Enterprise). Your mission is to explore the largely uncharted space sector known as The Trench in the hopes of finding a new homeworld for the Vulcan race.

Each player can select one out of four classes – Captain, Helm, Engineer, and Tactical. You and your team must communicate in order to operate the ship, accomplish quests and side missions, avoid space hazards and reach your destination safely.

Werewolves Within

Werewolf Within is a cross-platform VR game published and developed by Ubisoft. The premise of the game is simple – the village is being raided by werewolves and you, together with other citizens, must find out who is innocent and who is afflicted by the curse. Players are randomly chosen by the game to play the role of one of three classes: The Watcher, The Gossip and, of course, The Werewolf. Each class comes with a different set of skills and perks that will help you accomplish your pre-established role.

Other than that, the game relies heavily on communication and collaboration with the other players. The lone wolf approach (pun intended) does not work in this game, because in order to catch the werewolf, you have to coordinate your guesses with the other players and quickly spot inconsistencies in their stories. Werewolf Within is one of the best multiplayer party games out there, so if you have multiple headsets, you and your friends will have a blast.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter developed and published by Vertigo Games. Set in the deserts of Arizona, your main mission is to survive the zombie apocalypse as much as possible by scavenging for weapons and ammo, finding food and taking shelter when the groups of zombies become too large to handle.

The main campaign has a cooperative component, so you can invite a friend for an intense session of zombie killing. The game also contains a 4-player survival mode that throws endless waves of zombies in your direction until you inevitably succumb to a horrible death. So, if you are in the mood for a hoard-based survival game, Arizona Sunshine offers a complete experience that will keep you hooked for weeks.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a free to play VR social experience that is perfect if you want to take a break from killing zombies or going on dangerous adventures. It is not a game per se, rather a social hub where you can communicate with other players and engage in group activities, sort of like an office break room, only more interesting and with a goofy, Sci-Fi twist.

Rec Room offers a wide variety of group games, such as paintball, dodgeball, basketball and laser tag, to name a few. The great thing about this title is that developers are still actively involved in the development of the game even two years after it was released, regularly updating the game with new activities, so you will always have something new to do when you get bored with one of them.

Raw Data

If you are looking for a good VR sci-fi action game, Raw Data offers one of the best experience. Designed from the ground up for VR platforms, Raw Data puts you in charge of a special operative that is tasked to infiltrate Eden Corp’s facility and hack their internal network. The game offers a wide assortment of weapons and skills, and the intuitive controls and smooth animations make them a delight to use. Apart from the single-player campaign, the game features a fully-fledged cooperative mode that allows you to enlist a friend to help you kill the aggressive AI-machines and hack the corporation’s database.


Even though the VR technologically is finally viable enough to develop good games, there are still a lot of titles with poor executions. The games that we have listed are amongst the best that VR platforms have to offer due to their brilliant execution, smooth animations, and engaging gameplay. If you are looking for an immersive multiplayer experience that you can enjoy with your friends, make sure to give these games a shot.

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