375 Gaming Sprites, One Mega Man

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This project has been in the works for a long while now, but artist Chris Bringhurst has finally finished his epic quest. What you see above is 375 different gaming characters rendered in the style of Mega Man sprites. And as you can see, they all come together to form the man himself.

We usually have a “name the ______” thing when it comes to pictures like this, but if any of you can name all 375 without cheating, you will win all the internet points. ALL OF THEM. I got to about 50 before I called it quits, but perhaps you have more fortitude than I.

Click for a bigger version, and hunt down your favorite characters within. And yes, you can buy it.

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  1. Hey Paul, both the Resolve ad and the Air Wick ad started playing super loud as soon as I navigated to the page, and this has happened before. It’s really driving me nuts, is there anything you can do about that?

  2. It’s a bit easier once you realize that the games/franchises each sprite is from is listed in alphabetical order. Even though I couldn’t name each individual character, I recognized a fair amount of them.

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