15 Super Scary Close Ups of Celebrities

Britney Spears

Mick Jagger

Jeff Bridges

Kristen Chenowith

Goldie Hawn

Will Ferrell

Vanessa Paradis

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  1. some of these people are really scary close up. Some aren’t so bad. Jeff Bridges is a good lookn’ guy close up, young, old… old and close up. If I were an older woman I’d have the hots for ‘im.

  2. While Mick Jagger’s leathery face is a sight to behold, Mel Gibson’s is the scariest because now we’re close enough to look into his eyes and see he has no soul.

  3. No offense, these images are just oversharpened.

    What sharpening does is that it creates light/dark edges. Therefor the pores on their face get a white edge around the outside and a black edge on the inside. This makes it look like there’s massive black pits in Jennifer Anistons face.

    I’m sure she’s not photoshop perfect in real life, but this is photoshopping to make them more imperfect, which isn’t fair either.

  4. I don’t see why Kristen Chenowith is even up there (photoshopped or now), she’s still beautiful even super close.

    Vanessa Paradis, though… Jesus. Even if this wasn’t oversharpened I’d be terrified of that picture.

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