10 Video Game Characters That May Have Used Steroids


Steroids are once again at the forefront of sports news, thanks in small part to Alex Rodriguez’s admission of use, but mostly due to every self-righteous journalist regurgitating the issue from their ivory towers.  I think it’s safe to assume that steroids were a large part of baseball’s culture, but what about in video games?  Surely, some video game characters gained an advantage by using illegal substances.  Do you think a clean person could move their pecs like Super Macho Man without the use of steroids?  Here’s a pretty good list from Pwn or Die, examining 10 video game characters that may have used steroids.  I immediately looked for the notorious Paste from Bases Loaded on the list, and was quite pleased to see he had secured the number one spot.  Click here for Pwn or Die’s list.

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