10 Exceptionally Inappropriate Pokemon Videos


UPDATE: Screw you, Youtube.

I grew up watching Pokemon, but little did I know all the dirtiness that had been cut out or subliminal slipped through into each of the episodes. It took some work, but here are ten pretty WTF Pokemon videos that will have you questioning it’s classification as a kids show. Enjoy:

1) Wow, Looking Good There James

What the…? I had seen stills of this (above), but I always figured it was some sort of bizarre fetish fan art. But apparently it’s an actual scene that was banned from an episode for the most blatantly obvious of reasons.

2) Pikachu Grope

Because even little electric rats need a little love.

3) Meowth’s WTF Boss Fantasy

Now this is all in Japanese, but let me see if I understand. Meowth is getting really excited about an oiled up muscular male who runs across the desert only to end up getting humped by a thousand insect Pokemon? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

4) Ash Sneaks a Peek

Come on, you walk around with a girl all day every day and she’s wearing those shorts, you’re bound to get caught looking at least once.

5) Get Off My Lawn!

You can’t even show a gun pointed at the screen in a movie without it being rated R (true story), so I’m pretty sure you can’t do it in a kids’ show. Who knew they even had guns in Pokeworld? I thought all disputes were resolved through monster fights.


This is the scene that put 700 Japanese kids in the hospital when it first aired. It doesn’t look anything too out of the ordinary to me, but fortunately my brain appears to not be negatively affected by rapidly alternating colors.

7) Jynx Being Racist

This entire episode was banned just because Jynx looks like she’s in blackface. I’m sure the Japanese didn’t even know what blackface was, but whatever, Jynx sucks ass.

8 ) Please Stop Sabrina

Don’t know the context or the reason for the subsequent remixes, but yeah.

9) Jesse Beats the Hell Out of a Pokemon

Pokemon has always face allegations of animal abuse, but this is the first time I can remember a human actually beating the hell out of one of them. I always wondered why they didn’t do that more often, or how come the Pokemon didn’t realize they could kill all the humans with ease using all their elemental powers because only one guy on the planet owns a gun (see four above).

10) Brock Gets Frisky with a Tree

If you watch Pokemon, you know that Brock is the horniest dude alive. In this video after getting none from anyone for nearly a decade, he breaks down a molests a tree Pokemon.


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