WebCamelot Episode One: “The Quest”… and Episode Two: “The Festival!”


Hey Camelot…

(you’ll have to imagine a trumpet fanfare here)

You’ve read the announcement, you’ve seen our trailer, so all that’s left today is to watch… “The Quest!”

But wait! There’s more! WebCamelot is hitting the ground running; this week, we’re bringing you two episodes for the price of one! So, if you find what you seek in “The Quest,” grab a flagon of mead and head on down to “The Festival.”

There will be eight episodes in all, with new releases every Friday. (If you want a sneak peek at what’s to come, that trailer I linked above reveals all eight episode titles.) Be sure to drink some orange juice, ‘cuz next week we’ll be fending off “The Plague.”

Also, if anybody’s interested in troll makeup, be sure to look for a BTS video Tuesday!


WebCamelot is a rambunctious independent comedy web series that gives modern viewers a glimpse of what life was like in Camelot, exclusively through the webcams of its citizens.

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