A Hysterically Laughing Morgan Freeman during a Shawshank Redemption Deleted Scene


Forward to 3:30

Whenever people ask me what my favorite movie is, I rarely hesitate when I say “The Shawshank Redemption.”   And for the most part when people hear me say it, they are not surprised.  In fact most will agree that it’s one of their favorites as well.

So when I got a look at some deleted scenes I was naturally curious.  And boy oh boy when I first saw this I kept thinking to myself, “what the hell?”  Thank God they didn’t put this scene in the real movie.

It’s almost as if Freeman was laughing at some “punk’d” prank on set.  But damn just to see Freeman laugh his ass off like this was funny as hell.

  • masshole

    you posted this same video last summer, i knew i remembered seeing it on here

  • WeTalkin

    This scene, insane laugh and all, is actually all in the original screenplay for the movie.

  • T-Bagg

    I think the scene would have worked if they hadn’t carried it so long.

  • MarthaFarquhar

    @WeTalkin: um … yes, it is in the original screenplay. They shot and edited the scene. And then they left the scene out of the movie. And now it’s what’s known as a deleted scene”. And sometimes deleted scenes end up on YouTube. And then people watch them, and link to them from other sites. And then people can make pointless retard comments about them. And so it goes…

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