A Selection of Twilight/New Moon Mashups For Your Amusement

New Moon

I understand and yet I don’t understand the whole Twilight movement.  And just remember guys, it’s not like it’s only Twilight where there’s these weird obsessions.  Twilight just happens to be the most recent.  Star Wars?  Star Trek?  Harry Potter?

I think a comedian said it best when he referred to a news story saying the Rowling admitted Dumbledore was gay and people couldn’t believe it.  Um, he’s a wizard?  Do you believe THAT?  I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, I guess I’m not part of this generation so I don’t get the Twilight thing.  But I do get how mash ups making fun of it are worthwhile.

Here are some you might like….

New Moon and Fringe Mashup


I have to admit this is kind of cool with the music and everything.

New Moon and Fight Club


I kind of like the whole Ed Norton as Bella thing.  It’s not that bad.   The dubbing timing is terrible but so what?  It’s Fight Club.

New Moon and Harry Potter


Hahaha.  Emma.  I love her.  Yeah, she’s of age so leave me alone.

Matching Songs With Scenes


Twilight/New Moon narrative with funny songs that match with the scenes

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