This Rube Goldberg Machine Made from Fidget Spinners

Chances are, you’re very much familiar with the craze surrounding fidget spinners. One individual definitely kicked things up a notch or two when he created something not unlike a homemade pinball machine, utilizing dozens of fidget spinners and a few other basic materials.

If you want to imagine what this looks like, think about a blackboard, the kind like they used to use in school before modern technology took over. Now imagine a whole bunch of fidget spinners that are attached to the blackboard in various strategic positions. There are a few other things there as well, including pens, pencils and assorted marbles. Some of the fidget spinners have coins and other things attached to them in order to create just the right balance to weight ratio.

Now imagine how this whole operation actually works. The very first marble is put into action by the first fidget spinner on the top left-hand side of the board. All of these different marbles go through certain places on the board in order to create a domino effect. As you’re watching this video, one of the first things that is likely to strike you is that the person that designed this is very good at figuring out things involving math and science. The next thing that you’re likely to realize is that the individual probably had a great deal of patience when designing this because it obviously took a lot of time to figure it all out and then make it a reality.

This just goes to prove that literally anything can be turned into a science lesson. Even the fidget spinners, the very things that most teachers have grown to hate with a burning passion, can be used for something educational when they’re used the right way. Maybe that’s exactly why the video ends with the very last fidget spinner going straight into the trash can. At any rate, it’s definitely something that will make you think. Perhaps it will even inspire you to create something similar.

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