The Dark Knight’s Prestige


Here’s a rather interesting idea that has Nolan’s Batman trilogy set up like the three acts of his other recent, fantastic film, The Prestige. The concept is that each movie represents the different parts of a magic trick. The Pledge would be Batman Begins, where we get to meet the players for the first time. The Turn is the Dark Knight, where something unexpected happens (the Joker) and our hero disappears. The Prestige is theorized to be The Dark Knight Rises, where our hero returns, but in a way we might not expect. Needless to say I think we’re going to be into a few surprises when TDKR comes out, so long as we stay away from internet spoilers.

It’s pretty astonishing that three Nolan films, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Memento are in my top ten favorite films of all time. I really should write the other seven down some day. Maybe a new post…

  • Sverrir SigfĂșsson

    There’s actually a supremely well thought out article on Cracked (yes, really) about exactly this. Fascinating read.

  • Sara Clemens

    Dig this analogy. My husband was a member of The Magic Castle when he was a teenager (hey, one dork marrying another!), so he’s pretty into stage magic. We cannot get enough of The Prestige. So effing good.

  • jack

    Eagerly awaiting that list of you top 10. Fight Club wouldn’t happen to be on that list now would it?