The Best Fake College Ever

Blue Mountain State Admissions – Im a BMer! – Watch more Funny Videos

Watching all this Community this past weekend got me missing my glory days of college. Which looked nothing like the video you’re about to see, which would seem to be the equivalent of the Animal House college for the modern era.

I don’t want to say the “hot co-ed” thing is a stereotype, as trust me, high schoolers, there are very gorgeous girls in college. But it’s the ratio is what you’re being lied to about, that is, unless you go to school down south. It’s like Mecca for girls down there. Meanwhile, up here in Michigan, we’re at about a 5-10% capacity of hotness. Any offended MI girls here, I’m sure you’re in that percentage as only awesome people read this site.

What were we talking about again? Anyway, watch this video then go bong a beer.

  • sylky

    Which is why Im glad I went to ECU… regularly rated in top 10 party lists and of course is in the south where there are tons of women.

  • Batkinson

    I currently attend the University of Alabama, and I can assure you that our ratio of hot women is phenomenal. Mecca indeed