Star Trek: Tik Tok


Man, it seems like there’s a scene in the original Star Trek for every occasion, and someone has taken some of the best ones out of context and set them to Kesha’s (no, I refuse to actually put a dollar sign in her name) Tik Tok.

I thought I would shoot myself if I heard that song one more time, but thankfully it’s tolerable this time around with all the Star Trek surrounding it. This video is much more well done than I anticipated and it also led me to this video from the same user where Spock is in love with Kirk. Ohhh slash fiction, do you ever fail to entertain?

  • J5

    I’m fully supporting this movement. F the people who put symbols in their name.

    Except for Prince, but he’s exempt because his name WAS a symbol.

  • Wilbert

    It’s really a shame he used that song. With those skills, it would be better put to use in a less modern rock song or something not hip hop.