Of Course You Missed It: Venus Flies Across the Sun


Venus has been chillin’ near us a lot in 2012, and yesterday we witnessed a celestial event that won’t happen again for a million years. Or a hundred. Either way, it was kind of a big deal.

Venus crossed in front of the surface of the sun, and while most probably didn’t know about it to see it, those that did probably either blinded themselves or had a rather crappy view. Thankfully, that’s why we have NASA.

They set up their own cameras, which is how we have this super HD version of the planet making its way across the sun in a clip that practically looks CGI. But it isn’t. To see an entire planet look so tiny like that, it’s breathtaking.

Anyway, back to Pokemon and stuff now…

  • Ian

    Didn’t miss it. Waited until the sun was setting and was able to see Venus in the upper right corner of the sun (using those special glasses).

    I was the only one in my group (my wife and best friend were there) who managed to get a decent view of it. It was pretty cool to have seen it when you really sat and thought about what you saw…I’m looking out into the vastness of space and that dot is another planet that I can clearly see in front of that gigantic star that makes up 98% of our solar system.

    But without any perspective, it’s just a black dot in front of a much larger bright dot.

  • TSimps

    Anybody else listen to “The Surface of the Sun” while watching this? haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWlXU2DeYkQ