Let’s Cut Open An Original Teddy Ruxpin To See What’s Inside

You know how unboxing has become so popular on Youtube?  For kids, they’re obsessed with watching other kids opening toys.  Trust me I know.  I have a four year old who is completely obsessed with Ryan’s Toy Review and I think I may pay Ryan and his family a visit to destroy them once and for all.  But it’s not just the kids.  We just love opening things and watching other people opening things.  But I guess these two guys had different ideas.

Father and son Dan and Lincoln Markham created the Youtube channel What’s Inside? to cut open an original 1980’s Teddy Ruxpin toy to see what makes it work.  And they do this for a whole bunch of different objects.  I guess it’s a cool idea.  I mean I never really cared to see what was inside a Teddy Ruxpin doll.  But here’s where the mistake was made.

They mention at the beginning of the video that they bought the mint condition toy from a collector for around $500.   I guess that’s besides the point?  Because what’s inside this Teddy Ruxpin is well….you’ll see.

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