Kindergartner Gives Weather Report Pokemon Style

If you haven’t seen the video of Carden Corts presenting his version of the weather report, you’re missing out. Who would have thought that a Kindergartner could do such an amazing job of covering the forecast with such an entertaining approach to reporting. The visuals are nothing short of amazing. Carden uses an advanced vocabulary to give the March 21, 2018 weather report for Nashville, Tennessee. Thee Waverly Belmont Elementary School student knows how to nail the forecast in style.

Kinder Pro Weathercasting

Young Carden covers all the bases in the Waverly Belmont Elementary School weather report. He even credits the “Pokemon” sponsors for the event in his opening remarks. After showing excitement for the sponsor, the kindergartner moves right into the details of what can be expected throughout the country. As

descriptive videos of expected weather conditions across the nation roll behind him, he lets the depictions speak for themselves. His responses to snowstorms and tornadoes are every bit as entertaining as you can ever experience on a professional network for weather forecasting, but he adds a bit of additional acting which fits in perfectly with his revelation of what you can expect in your area. He makes his preferences for warm weather and bright sunny days clear and it will remind you a lot of what you’ve heard other weather reporters say, but the major difference is that it’s coming from the creative genius of a kindergartner.

Kinder Weather

We think that Carden’s weather report is one of the most entertaining videos we’ve seen. His skill sets this youngster apart and if he wants to pursue a career as a meteorologist, or even as an actor, he has our vote. This is a must see video and we’re sure that you’ll find it every bit as entertaining as we did. Who knows? In

a couple of decades, we may well see Carden all grown up and delivering the weather on a nationally syndicated weather station. You’ll be able to look back and say that you remember Carden Corts from when he was just in kindergarten. Here is where you can find the famous kindergarten reporter’s video that has gone viral.

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