Five Entertaining Hulk Hogan Commercials

Hulk Hogan

It’s tough to think that the Hulkster is nearly 60 years old.  I feel like this guy might live forever.  Hell he might even be in a wrestling ring at the age of 70.  Can someone please explain to me how these guys still wrestle?  I mean Jimmy Snuke is still out there in these weird event in like Oklahoma and stuff.

Do steroids really help keep body parts together for this long?  In any event, of all wrestlers, clearly Hulk Hogan is the most commercial and well known guy out there.  As such he’s done plenty of spots for brands.

I’ve selected five commercials that are quite enjoyable to watch….

Hogan Wants You to Wrestle Debt into Submission


This is embarrassing.

Hulk Hogan Japanese Ad


What in the hell is Bigflow?  That’s a hell of a voice Hogan is sporting there.

Honey Nut Cheerios Commercial


1985. I was six years old when this came out.  Hogan was definitely one of my heroes back then.

Hulk Hogan for Arby’s



Rent a Center with Troy Aikman