Five Awesome Homemade Optical Illusion Videos


Since our last optical illusion post seemed to be a big hit, I figured it was time to dig into the well and find some more weird stuff to peer at.   But this time I decided to take it to the next step.  It’s one thing to see a picture in action.  It’s another to see a live situation in action.  In particular there is a user on Youtube by the name of Brusspup who tends to love making illusions in his own home.

After the jump you’ll see five of his most impressive illusions.  Clearly this guy has way too much time on his hands.  Still though, his work is pretty neat

The Crazy Cube Illusion


See what I mean about the “way too much time on his hands?”  Pretty cool though.

The Pac-Man Illusion


Is this the same dork as the first video?  Probably.  He really likes tape.

The X-Room Illusion


Pretty cool.  I like the appearance of a mirror theme.  Not bad.  Not bad.

The Illusion of Peace


Dude has a long house.

The Crazy Nuts Illusion


Obviously I like the title of this more than anything else

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  • Danny Las Vegas

    All were ok except the “x room illusion”, which wasn’t really an illusion at all. I don’t really get what effect the creator was going for there. Was it supposed to look like it was just an “x” made out of tape over the doorway as opposed the the tape actually going into the room?? Someone made a comment about it being meant to look like a mirror, but it was obvious it wasn’t a mirror because of the lack of reflection of the furniture in front of it. Anyway, the others were pretty good. Especially the independantly moving nuts, lol.