Guy Makes Rick and Morty Portal Gun that Actually Projects Portals

While Rick and Morty might have started out as a total spoof on Back to the Future, that doesn’t mean people haven’t caught on to its greatness…and quickly.  In fact many people think that it’s the best animated Sci-Fi show on television right now.   One guy who’s definitely a fan?  That would be none other than Dave Dalton.

Dalton hails from Hammerspace in Kansas City, Missouri. Dave has built his own version of Rick’s portal gun complete with coordinates back to his home planet. He also does a pretty good Rick impression when he’s demonstrating as you’ll see in the video above.

Needless to say this product needs to get commercialized, and quite quickly.

  • har650

    So the guy (burp) basically made a case for a hand held projector? (burp) I’m not complaining – it’s just sloppy workmanship. I could have gotten the same results with a led and one of those scene emitting nightlights… a record-able birthday card, and a couple of car batteries. (burp)..

    Just kidding with my best “Rick”. Great job!