Guy Gets Caught Driving A Bus And Playing Pokémon Go At the Same Time


If you don’t believe that driving while texting is deadly then you deserve to be killed by someone who is texting and driving.  It’s that simple.  While Pokemon GO has generally had a positive effect on people (in many cases improving fitness, bringing communities together, etc etc) there are always negative consequences.  In Japan, many deadly accidents have occurred as a result of people driving while trying to play Pokemon GO.  Even after these reports, stupid people are still doing this.

And not only pedestrians.  This time an actual bus driver was caught red handed playing Pokemon GO while on the job. So not only was he putting his own life in danger, but every single passenger on that bus.  Way to go moron.

According to Kotaku

Footage has surfaced of a bus driver in Japan appearing to play Pokémon Go while he is driving. The clip is rather unsettling. Sanyo News reports that this is a tour bus driver from the Ryobi Group in Osaka. The company has banned drivers from having mobile phones while they’re behind the wheel and apologized for the incident. This comes after deadly accidents have been blamed on Pokémon Go drivers in Japan and abroad.

The video is below