Game Over: The Scariest Prank That’s Ever Been Pulled


I’m not usually one to watch or post prank videos, but I do when the emulate The Grudge or similar movies I’ve seen a thousand times. This is an elevator prank in Brazil that is quite possible the scariest thing that could ever happen to a person.

It’s so scary in fact, I’m having trouble believing it’s real. The people’s reactions seem very genuine, but they had to have edited out a few takes where people A) died of heart attacks or B) punched the little girl in the face by having their flight or fight response triggered in a 5×5 room. Or perhaps we’ve learned something about human nature here, that when we’re scared enough, we’ll never actually fight. Or maybe that’s just Brazil.

In any case, this is highly entertaining and I can’t even imagine how I would react to the sudden apparition of a creepy girl with bedhead in my elevator.


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