Five Hysterical Fake Superhero Videos


Not that there’s such a thing as a “real” superhero but I think you guys get my drift.  While there’s a big market out there on the internet for people who absolutely fail at wearing superhero costumes the existence of funny fake superhero videos is very scarce.

It’s mostly because the majority of these videos absolutely suck.   But after extensive research I’ve managed to find a few that are worthy of spots on this site.

Check out these five hysterical fake superhero videos

Superhero Birthday Party


This is absolutely awesome.  Like can’t you picture this is how life would be for these guys?  I would hope so.  Tack on the super powers and man is that just one hell of a party.

Hulk for Hire


Unfortunately there’s no sound in this video but it’s damned funny.  Great concept.  Simple.  Just a dude in green with no shirt on doing stuff for people.  It’s amazing what kind of simplicity works.

Deadbeat Superheroes


Even superheroes have to spend time with their kids.  I’m pretty sure it’s the music here that does it for me.   What the hell ever happened to Whitney Houston?  I hear her comeback sucks.

Ghetto Man Roasts Superheroes


Wow.  I mean WOW.  I can’t believe how awesome this is.

The WTF Superheroes Video


Super Indian?  Clearly this is unintentional comedy but it’s damned funny nonetheless.

Bonus: This Guy


OK, he’s not funny at all but seriously guys let’s make this video viral.  PLEASE.


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