Dementor Drone is the Best Halloween Scare of The Year So Far


Just the other day we shared a video of a guy who put a 1000W LED onto his drone which effectively made it look like a UFO was storming above his neighborhood.   I should have known that was only the beginning.  What this guy did was next level stuff.  In the spirit of Halloween this drone owner decided to mod his drone by turning it into a Dementor from Harry Potter.  And it looks like he definitely went all out.

According to Nerd Approved

Inspired by his daughter’s love of Harry Potter, 50 year-old Michael Irvine created this remote-control Dementor with the aid of some fishing wire, allowing him to terrorize his neighbors from the comfort of his own porch. The Internet was quick to confirm his genius. When his nephew tweeted photos of the thing they went viral. Also, his daughter posted some videos of the drone in action that you can check out below.

And here are two videos of the Dementor in action. I have to admit the drone motor actually adds to the freakiness.